5 of the Best Places to Make Money Selling Used Books Online

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Many of us have loads of books on our shelves that go largely untouched. We pledge that someday we’ll read them, and then we pack them up in heavy boxes and haul them with us every time we move. Instead, why not lighten the load and make some easy money in the process?

Some people are in the business of buying and selling used books. When it comes to textbooks, smart traders can make a profit by buying them in the summer when prices are low, and then re-selling them in the fall when textbooks are in high demand. Others even succeed in making a living trolling thrift shops with laser scanners that tell them the going rate for a book in the Amazon Marketplace. These scanners can even be equipped with apps so that traders can create a custom algorithm, instantly notifying them of whether a book is worth buying to re-sell.

If you are interested in dealing in the used book business on a semi-regular basis, whether it becomes your living or a steady hobby, you might consider signing up for a professional seller account with AbeBooks and/or Amazon. Abe’s professional sellers pay $25 per month plus fees, and on Amazon you can sell as a professional for $40 per month plus fees or sell as an individual for $0.99 per sale plus fees.

Another option is eBay, where you can get 10 free listings per month plus fees (about 10%) after an item sells. If you have vintage books to sell, you can open an Etsy store and pay a listing fee of $0.20 per item plus fees after sales. This is a great option for pre-ISBN books as well. Vintage items on Etsy must be at least 20 years old.

But for those who are just looking to empty out the attic, thin out a book collection, or make some easy money, there are countless options for online selling. Here are your best bets for selling your unwanted used books online.