Life Is Expensive: Should You Get a Second Job?

Source: Thinkstock

Bills are expensive, and some people find that they need to work two jobs, or more, in order to make ends meet. Others consider a second job for other reasons, like extra disposable income or certain perks that come with a specific job type. Taking on multiple jobs has many benefits, the most obvious being the fact that you will make more money, but it can also create long work hours, extra stress, and take time away from important personal hobbies or activities.

Having multiple jobs can also make it difficult to find childcare for those who need it, especially for people who work extremely long hours or who work at night. Determining whether to take on a second job should be based on several factors. Getting a second job will increase your income, but it also could have a detrimental effect on your personal life or mental health.

The first question you should consider is whether you financially need a second job. If you can’t pay your bills based on just your current job, you may need to take on a second job regardless of other considerations. If money is tight and you want to have more disposable income, that is another reason you might consider looking for an additional job. Even if you don’t need the money to pay your bills, you may enjoy having more income that you can use for fun activities. Once you determine whether you need or just want more money, you should also consider other factors.

One reason that people take on a second job is for security. If you are concerned that you may not keep your current job for very long or you are wondering about the future of your career, you might want to take on a second job. Even if your part-time job isn’t in your field or doesn’t create much of a prospect for the future, you can at least fall back on it if you lose your main job and need income until you find another full-time job or job in your field.