5 Worst Cities to Find Employment

Source: Thinkstock

The job market impacts your ability to find a job in your field. During the recession, people across the country had to accept lower-paying positions in areas outside of their niche when unemployment reached a high of 10 percent in 2009. Unemployment rates are constantly changing. From January to June of this year, the rate improved by a half of a percentage point.

Many other factors play into how a job search turns out, as well. Of course, your education level, work experience, and interview skills may give you an edge over the competition, but certain groups tend to have a tougher time. Many recent college graduates, for instance, have experienced higher rates of unemployment and found it particularly challenging to find the right job. Certain positions, like lawyers, are not as in-demand as other positions, which makes it tougher to find a career in such fields.

The job market in your area also has a direct impact on your ability to find employment. If unemployment is high where you live, more applicants are applying for each position and competition for jobs increases. High rates of unemployment make it all the more essential for you to make yourself stand out from the pool of applicants. This list of some of the worst jobs markets contains markets that have consistently seen high unemployment rates and job opportunities are limited in these areas.