3 Reasons Why Louisiana Is at a Crossroads

Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

Allison Shelley/Getty Images

Louisiana is reaching a number of vital crossroads as a state. Major changes to its economic health, environmental situation, and political atmosphere are in the making, but at the moment, all onlookers can do is stand back and wait out the slow progression of events and see where things settle.

Right now, much of its future is up in the air, a microcosm of much of the U.S. The midterm elections will decide the power structure in Congress this fall, and Louisiana will play an important role in deciding the partisan balance as 0ne of the few state tossups left in the Senate race.

The economic future of the state lies in the hands of its energy industry, which in turn lies in the hands of the national government. Finally, the environmental future of Louisiana could be taking a turn for the worse — even looking beyond controversy surrounding its energy industry. So let’s delve into our favorite southern state and where it could go in the near future.