Accusations of Racism Aren’t Helping GOP Expand Voter Base

Source: Getty Images

The Center for Immigration Studies recently released a study demonstrating the way immigrants tend to filter through the U.S. political system and what that could mean for votes. Immigration has always been a political issue, and Republicans have been more clearly in favor of a harder line, while Democrats are on average more sympathetic to citizenship pathways for undocumented immigrants.

This latest examination in the political leanings of immigrants puts an especially fine point on how the influx of voters will look as time goes on. It is especially notable considering the changing political rhetoric in the Democratic Party at present — that is, right before Congressional elections.

CIS’s analysis showed that legal immigrants are arriving in the United States at a rate of more than 1 million per year, and that this influx is altering votership within the country in favor of Democrats. And while it’s true that Republican opinions on illegal immigration range depending on region, the analysis shows that partisanship for the most part does not, despite local positions. The organization also notes that, “if legal immigration levels remain at the current levels … it will likely continue to undermine Republicans’ political prospects moving forward.”

The analysis adds: “Further, if the substantial increases in legal immigration in Senate’s Gang of Eight bill (S.744) were to become law it would accelerate this process.” Lowering the rate of legal immigration would aid Republicans by altering the voting demographic, it points out.