Forget the Tan Suit, Here’s What Obama Said About ISIS and Immigration

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Win McNamee/Getty Images

During Thursday’s press conference from the White House briefing room, President Barack Obama focused on the growing international crises in Ukraine and the Middle East. Unfortunately, he chose to wear a tan suit. Obama’s clothing choice ignited a wave of tweets and covered newspapers. The Los Angeles Times titled a piece “Obama’s tan suit: Stop freaking out, Internet, it’s actually stylish,” while the Christian Science Monitor’s Peter Grier wrote “Confessions of a Washington tan suit wearer” and CNN published “That time Obama wore a tan suit and Twitter freaked out.”

But little of what the president discussed concerning Russia’s financing and arming of separatists in Ukraine, the condition of migrant children in the United States, and his strategy for defeating the Islamic State in Syria outshone his fashion choice. And it was not even the first time the president wore a tan suit, although he typically chooses blue or gray in order to “pare down [the] decisions” he has to make.

Had he stuck with a suit of a more traditional color, Obama’s press conference would have been noteworthy for its focus on the crucial decisions facing the United States and the president. Lawmakers, including the president, must decide whether to expand U.S. airstrikes into Syria, consider possible solutions for the country’s immigration mess, and formulate some response to Russia’s overt incursion into Ukraine. These issues are vastly complex, and for the United States to deal with them as a country, debate is needed.

Here’s what Obama talked about.