Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Is No Longer Dominating the Polls

Source: Thinkstock

There have been two polls recently released in June that have shown Hillary Clinton is losing ground in the polls — losing quite a lot of ground when compared to 2012. A Bloomberg poll conduced in March showed Clinton’s popularity has dropped down to 52 percent compared to 56 percent in March, and down from the 70 percent seen in December two years ago.

For a time, Clinton’s name was the most common name put in the Democrats 2016 hat, making it seem increasingly likely that she would overwhelm other contenders in a primary — should she choose to run for office. Mere months ago, the discussion was on how the GOP would ever find a single candidate that could attract the same attention and popularity as the Democrats had found in Clinton. Now, though, this sentiment has faded, and Democrats may choose to begin looking more seriously for other contenders. A separate poll from Gallup reiterated Bloomberg‘s bad news for Clinton, showing that since reaching 59 percent in February her polling numbers have fallen to 54 percent for June, as shown in the table below.


According to Gallup, this is the lowest Clinton’s favorability reached since August of 2008 when it hit 54 percent as well, and the decrease is largely seen in Independents where it fell from 63 percent favorability in 2013 to 49 percent favorability in 2014. There are a number of possible explanations for the dip, the most obvious being continued criticism and publicity surrounding Clinton’s role in the Benghazi attack. Wrapped up in this publicity has been her book tour for her just published book Hard Choices, which went into her decisions and experiences during her time in office. In a Washington Post/ABC poll, 50 percent said they disapproved of her handling of Benghazi, a mere 37 percent saying they approved.