Jeb Bush: 6 Questions About His Presidential Candidacy

Source: Thinkstock

The Republican party is looking into the future of the 2016 election and starting to worry. Democrats are banking on Hillary Clinton, but even if the GOP were sure that Jeb Bush actually plans to run, there are some questions on his candidacy and how viable he would be as the face of the Republican party in the next presidential race. Here’s a breakdown of his career, his stances on various issues, and concerns that some have.

1. Is he even running?

Well, we aren’t sure — much like we aren’t sure about Hillary Clinton running. That said, he’s made it clear that it’s something he’s seriously considering. According to CNBC, at the Catholic Charities fundraiser in New York, he told the audience that he was “thinking about running for president,” admitting more than he has when queried in the past. In an interview in early April he said that he would make his decision on whether or not to run by the end of the year.

And while there are other GOP options out there, most of them seem to have downsides, or concerns that might lead their party to doubt their abilities. Governors Rick Perry (R-Texas), Scott Walker (R-Wis.), and Chris Christie (R-N.J.) have all been listed as possibilities, as has Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). Perry and Christie both have scandals to overcome politically, while Ryan and Walker have their own hurdles in looking at a transition to a White House run. This puts added pressure on J. Bush, whose name seems to be said with more confidence, but who also has characteristics as a candidate that have some Republicans concerned.