Palin’s $99.95 TV Channel: Why Isn’t America Tired of Sarah?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

You can subscribe to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Hulu, Fox, Netflix, and even the Politics Cheat Sheet. There’s a very long list of subscription options when you have extra cash leftover at the end of the month for a little entertainment. For fans of Sarah Palin, now there’s one more.

The former Alaskan governor is launching her own online TV channel where her message can get out unfiltered and unimpeded for the cheap monthly price of $9.95 a month, or $99.95 a year. One hundred bucks and you can have access to the things she hasn’t been able to say on the campaign trail, in her show Amazing America with Sarah Palin, her TLC show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, her NRA rally speeches preaching baptism by waterboarding, or her many, many tweets and public appearances. This is all for just a bit more than Netflix, which of course has entire seasons of entire shows for years and years on end. Decades of TV shows. TV shows that, if watched back-to-back, would take years to get through.

What comes with the subscription? Well, according to Palin, a “news channel that really is a lot more than news. This is a community.” Not just any community, a community that finds “solutions” on everything from how to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to the Trans-Alaskan pipeline, to special needs education, to Obama’s spending “addiction.”

Tweeting on her new channel, Palin discussed the prospect of shedding the limits to her rhetoric. Perhaps one of the best responses to this was pointed out by USA Today in a collection of responding tweets, as shown below.