Polls to New Lows: What Is Obama Doing Wrong?

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have been seeing considerable lows over the past few months, and they are sitting in the low- to mid-40s as of the end of last week. Gallup shows a 42 percent approval to 53 percent disapproval ratio, Rasmussen reports 46 percent approval to 53 percent disapproval, and CBS News/New York Times records 40 percent approval to 54 percent disapproval. Gallup reports that Obama’s job approval rating of 41 percent is a mere 1 point over his all-time low of 40 percent.

The president’s numbers have been low for some time, but closer examination of specific topics shows that on the major issues, he’s slipping across the board. As a child asked him at a town hall meeting a few years back, “Why do people hate you?”

Well, the president’s answer was fairly correct. “Some of it is what’s called politics … and, you know, you get some of the credit when things go good. And when things are going tough, then you’re going to get some of the blame and that’s part of the job.” The former, is, well, politics, and the latter is simply being held accountable to the results an administration gleans from its actions.

Of course, that was in 2009. If that child were asking today, it might be something more along the lines of “Why does everyone hate you and all of Washington so so much?” All jests aside, there are some issues that Obama has been seeing the most criticism on, both in rhetoric and in the polls.