4 Reasons Why Qatar Really Was a Mistake for FIFA and the World Cup

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

When Sepp Blatter, FIFA President, announced to all who would listen that awarding Qatar the 2020 World Cup was a mistake for the second time in a year, it was greeted with a knowing nod from — well, anyone who’s been following the total and utter despondency that has surrounded the nation’s involvement with the worldwide soccer tournament. So, there we have it, from the mouths of the babes: “Of course, it’s an error,” Blatter said, “You know, everyone makes mistakes in life.”

Let’s put aside the outrage at that sort of dismissively blithe statement for a second. It’s pretty obvious why, for example, being late on the rent falls under the ‘everyone makes mistakes’ banner while the unmitigated disaster that Qatar’s World Cup bid has become does not. Instead, focus on the ridiculousness of it. Back in 2010, when FIFA first met with Qatar’s committee and decided to give them the 2020 spot, there were already questions about how well the country would be able to pull off the event. Rather than having those questions allayed, as everyone hoped that they would be, they’ve compounded instead.

This is bad news for fans of soccer as well as the FIFA committee. Some of these allegations are pretty heavy, and they’re not the kind of thing that anyone wants to be dealing with, especially in light of the controversies surrounding Brazil, the host for the 2016 World Cup. For now, though, as pallet preparation, here’s a promotional video for Qatar 2020, uploaded days after it was announced that they’d won the bid.

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