5 MLB Trade Candidates Still Stranded After the Deadline

MLB General Managers Billy Beane and Dave Dombrowski are getting Nate Silver love for the way they maneuvered on their respective teams’ behalf ahead of the trade deadline. Jon Lester and David Price were the spoils, while the cost in prospects and players was reasonable for the A’s and (especially) the Tigers.

What about the front offices where the phone lines seemed to come crashing down, cell towers and all?

Indeed, there were several organizations that appeared content to proceed without a thought of the dark future awaiting their teams. How could the Phillies awake on August 1 without having made a single trade? It seems impossible, but Ryan Howard and Cole Hamels are still Phillies. So are Cliff Lee, Antonio Bastardo, and A.J. Burnett.

They aren’t the only ones who seem stranded on their teams after the trade deadline passed. Here are five trade-worthy MLB players with no business being on their teams for the foresseable future. Stats are current as of the start of play on August 1.

New York Mets v San Diego Padres

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

5. Bartolo Colon

He may not look the part of the savior, but Bartolo Colon is putting up yet another quality campaign (10-8, 3.88 ERA) for the Mets after going 18-6 with a 2.65 ERA (including 3 shutouts) for Oakland in 2013. There are numerous teams (Kansas City, Baltimore) that are seeking a consistent starter for their rotations, but Mets GM Sandy Alderson apparently didn’t see any trade worth making.

Word is the Mets were willing to eat some of Colon’s contract, but the deadline came and went without a deal. The Mets are still in fourth place with a record of 52-56, Colon is still on the team, and fans at Citi Field have another reason to be discontented.