5 Most Ridiculous Demands the NFL Makes on Super Bowl Cities

Source: zennie62, Flickr

Source: zennie62, Flickr

Turns out there’s not just one reason why the Super Bowl isn’t coming to your city next year — there’s over 150 pages worth of them. While the NFL is currently locked in negotiations with Minneapolis about whether or not the city will be found suitable for hosting the 2018 Super Bowl, the league’s demands, outlined in a massive PDF file, were leaked by the Minneapolis StarTribuneWhile the fact that the NFL would seek to leverage the immense popularity of the sport against prospective host cities isn’t particularly surprising, the breadth of the demands — and almost all of them are to be provided at no cost to the NFL itself — is impressive.

Of course, we can’t expect the league, which rakes in over $9 billion dollars a year, to offer to pay its own way — they are, after all, a non-profit organization. Clearly they’re struggling. That said, with the Super Bowl being such a high demand event (the next iteration of the final playoff game for the NFL is set for Scottsdale, Arizona in 2015), it’s not as if the NFL is lacking for bargaining power and, obviously, there are going to be cities that will pony up whatever the team wants for the chance to host the next Super Bowl. This isn’t the Winter Olympics.

The requests from the NFL do read a little bit like those infamous tour riders from rock bands in the recent past, though. While there aren’t any brown M&M’s at risk of exclusion for the biggest event in the biggest American sport, Minnesota’s golfers might be feeling the burn in 2018. Not to mention their police force.

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