5 NFL Coaches Who Are Most Likely to Be Fired First

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

There are few positions in sports more volatile than a job as a head coach — even if you’re tasked with whipping together something out of a mismatched, uncoordinated roster that makes exactly zero sense or whether you’ve taken the amphetamine you’ve just been handed by Wes Welker or not, you’re going to be the first guy that everyone looks to when that 16-0 season fails to pan out. Rightly or wrongly, the coach is easier to replace than the management who crafted the roster, and when the NFL’s emphasis on parity means that a bad team can turn it around in a relatively short window of time, teams that stay bad or average season in and season out are under quite the microscope.

With the season officially starting tomorrow, we went to the Vegas oddsmakers at Bovada to discover which coaches are the most likely to get fired this upcoming season, and the results were not unsurprising, but they were interesting. While Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers front office are pretty clearly at odds, he’s not even on the list as a betting option — winning 10-plus games a season and making it to the postseason will do wonders for your job security.