5 NFL Players With the Biggest Fines Already This Season

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When the news broke that Jim Irsay was going to be fined half a million dollars and suspended from team activity for six games, it was entirely reasonable to assume that the Colts owner was getting let off easily, particularly in comparison to the punishment that awaits the players if they get caught in violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. Because unlike the owners, if players miss games, they miss out on game checks — a bit of math not factored into the total cost of the fines.

This is why Irsay will wind up with less money lost than Ray Rice, who is going to be on the hook for nearly $30,000 more than what the owner will have to pay — that bit of financial math courtesy of ESPN. Rice, though, doesn’t even make the top five in fines for 2014, and the season hasn’t even started yet. Using fine information collected from Spotrac, here are the season’s most fiscally penalized NFL players so far.