5 NFL Quarterbacks Drafted by Baseball Teams

Source: Photostat / Flickr via Creative Commons

Before we begin, it must be acknowledged that athletes are athletic. Yes: Stop the presses.

In tandem with the team-building and personal development that are stressed in the lowest levels of any sport or the learn-to-play stage, as players age, the distance between the athletic and the not-so-athletic becomes more and more pronounced until players are ready to join the ranks of the professional league, where — for all the bluster and brimstone about intangibles and red flags — what goes unsaid is the fact that everyone being considered is more athletic than roughly 99.99998 percent of the rest of the world.

Not that bluster and brimstone are bad things. Making drafts interesting is hard enough as it is, and commentators do the best they can with something that’s inherently pretty dull. One way to add intrigue to any given draft regardless of the sport is to pick up another player who’s already been claimed by another league. Now that’s interesting.

And so, with that in mind, here are five National Football League quarterbacks who were drafted by Major League Baseball teams and their minor-league affiliates.