Top 5 NFL Teams Players Don’t Want to Play For

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

On on field view of the uprights and NFL logo at Sports Authority Field. | Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Considering the competing factors that affect any sort of decision about where professional athletes would prefer to play throughout their given sport, the first measurables usually lean toward things like state tax, the local weather, and the local advantages of being famous in a given area — all those play into the ‘big market advantage’ that free agents are often said to be weighing their options against. While the NFL is spared a lot of that discussion, since player movement is so stunted, especially among stars, it doesn’t mean that those sorts of considerations don’t hold some weight.

It is also true, though, that players typically don’t want to play for bad teams, and some of these teams, compiled from information from ESPN’s annual NFL poll, are certainly bad teams. Some of them, though, are not, and don’t seem like the fill-in answers to the statement, “The only way I’d play for ____ is if they doubled my salary.” That said, anonymity makes for free and easy responses, and the eighty-two players that answered incognito (although not Richie, we assume) let fly on which teams wouldn’t be able to woo them assuming equal salaries.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that this constitutes a small spectrum, or a representative sample, if you buy the findings, of the NFL populous, and that the respondents constitute roughly a team and a half’s worth of players. That’s something that should be noted. On the other hand, we’re not totally shocked.