11 of the Biggest NFL Draft Busts of All Time

Tampa Bay fans hold up a sign showing their draft day preference.

The Tampa Bay faithful needed this one | Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Football never really stops. That’s true for the fans, and it’s true for the teams. So you can imagine that all 32 National Football League teams started preparing for the regular season long before the offseason officially started, and most of their efforts go into picking the right players in the draft.

Some players on current rosters will become free agents while others will retire, giving general managers and coaches an idea of what their teams’ positions of need will be in the future. Scouts closely follow the careers of collegiate players in hopes of finding the next Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, and Tom Brady.

Although drafting quality athletes with the right physical and mental tools to “make it” in the pros is always a big challenge, sports analysts do their best to project the most valuable college players who could likely become big stars. Sometimes, they’re right; other times, they completely miss the mark. Teams that covet their first-round pick often come away with a complete dud. Here are 11 of the biggest NFL draft busts in recent history.