7 MLB All-Star Starters Since 1974 That Were Worse Than Derek Jeter

Elsa/Getty Images

Does Derek Jeter make it into the 85th iteration of the MLB’s All Star Game, much less start, if he’s not Derek Jeter? The answer, almost certainly, is ” of course not,” with a dash of “that’s why it’s the All Star Game.” Jeter’s in the middle of his retirement tour, and there’s no way that the league wasn’t going to take the opportunity to showcase their shining star one last time. That said, the allegations that this was entirely a sympathy vote are off the mark too. Jeets is far from the worst player to ever suit up for the All Star festivities. Thanks to FiveThirtyEight for the data, which marked each player’s Wins Above Replacement for a season through June, when the All Stars are selected.