7 Most Smothering Pass Defenses Over the Last 40 Years

Otto Gruele Jr./Getty Images

If last year’s Super Bowl was any indication of anything, it was clear that the best defense can completely and utterly dismantle the best offense, as the Seattle Seahawks secondary made the Denver Broncos look like a bunch of amateurs.

The Broncos, we should reiterate, were one of the best passing offenses in NFL history, managing to average almost 3 net yards over the league average last year. They did not pass the football poorly, and they were stopped cold by a Seattle defense that was the best in the league last year at defending against the pass.

While the Seahawks may have been the best pass D in the league last year, they’re not the greatest passing defense in NFL history, measured here starting from the NFL-AFL merger and using data from the always awesome FiveThirtyEight. Read on to see how the Legion of Boom stacks up to historical contemporaries.