7 Things Wrong With the Red Sox in 2014

When the Boston Red Sox re-signed Stephen Drew, a familiar face from the 2013 World Series run came home. Now all is right in Red Sox Nation … right?

That would be a tough argument to make nearly 50 games into the 2014 Major League Baseball season. An underachieving offense has met its match in a struggling rotation over a six-game losing streak that has at last count extended into late May. It’s easy to believe the champs can overcome a losing streak of this magnitude, but there is no precedent from 2013 to examine. The Red Sox never lost more than three in a row in 2013 and changed little about the team other than the subtractions of Drew and Jacoby Ellsbury.

So can the absence of a light-hitting shortstop and leadoff man gut a championship team? In fact, there are seven things having a clear effect on the 2014 Red Sox, and only one of them is Ellsbury-related.