7 Worst NFL Coaches Ever

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

There are many, many jobs that are less visible than that of an NFL head coach, which exists in large part as a role that is defined by the public and private perceptions about the actions of a group of people that are, in a very real way, out of your control. Take Dennis Allen, the Oakland Raiders’ head coach, who was just fired after the team started the 2014 season off with four consecutive losses. Is it Allen’s fault that the Raiders are a franchise hampered by questionable decision-making and a chronic inability to establish anything like an infrastructure? Probably not. Is he being forced to fall on the sword for a team that would still be bad if Bill Belichick were the head coach? Probably. But that’s part of the gig.

Allen leaves Oakland after two seasons and change, compiling an ignominious 8-28 lifetime record. That’s not very good, but it’s a far cry from the worst head coaching resumes in the NFL’s storied history, which includes a ton of bad coaching. Apparently it’s easier to be terrible at the job than good at it. Who knew.

Without any further delay, then, here are the seven worst head coaches in the history of the NFL, as determined by their lifetime coaching percentages (i.e., their wins ranked up against their losses) with the data coming courtesy of Pro Football Reference.