8 Cities That Almost Never Win Sports Championships

A Denver Broncos fan mourns a loss.

Life isn’t always easy in Denver | Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Being a sports fan is largely an exercise in futility. It doesn’t matter which sport, and it doesn’t matter which city; the odds are decidedly stacked against any given team winning any given title, year in and year out. That’s part of the fun when it comes to rooting for a team that does win — enjoying the victory and the emotional vindication that comes from a victory is phenomenal.

This is also why fans watch other teams in the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, or World Cup; jumping on the bandwagon still gives you a rush. Sadly, watching your team lose year after year is draining.

Here are eight sports cities that have struggled to win sports championships in the major American professional leagues recently, despite having more than 100 seasons to do so. We rank the cities by how many titles they’ve won against how many seasons they’ve had the chance to do it. (If you read closely, you can still feel the despondency.) All years are rounded off, because no one cares about decimals when discussing time.