A Player-by-Player Guide to the U.S. World Cup Squad

The U.S. Men’s National Team announced its roster way before FIFA’s June 2 deadline, and there were a couple of shock selections, to say the least. Here is a player-by-player breakdown of the 23-man squad that will carry the hopes of a country to Brazil.

Source: Philipp Zachl / Wikimedia Commons


Tim Howard (above): He is the clear No. 1 goalie in this group. He plays for Everton in England’s Premier League and is considered a top goalkeeper around the world. His strengths are shot-stopping and taking command of the 18-yard box. His weakness? Every once in a while he gets beat at the near post, which should rarely happen to top-level goalkeepers.

Brad Guzan: The No. 2 goalie in this squad. He will more than likely take over for the 35-year-old Howard after this World Cup is over. His club is Aston Villa in England’s Premier League. His strengths are his leaping ability and quick decision-making.

Nick Rimando: The No. 3 goalie. He is good, but he will not see action unless multiple injuries occur. He plays for Real Salt Lake in the MLS. His strength is being very good with his feet in tight spaces. As goalies are not allowed to pick up intentional back passes, teams tend to not pass it back to their keeper unless there are no opposing players around. Not a problem with Rimando as your goalie. His weakness is his height. He is 5 feet, 9 inches tall.