The Best Players to Lose at Least 4 NBA Finals

The Best Players to Lose at Least 4 NBA Finals

LeBron James looks defeated during Game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals. | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2016 Finals was supposed to be a slugfest between two of the top teams in the NBA, yet the first three games of the series were blowouts, and the fourth very nearly qualifies. Heading into Game 7, one more loss will give the Cavaliers yet another season without a championship.

Unsurprisingly, if the Cavaliers did lose in Game 7, the blame for this group’s shortcomings would have fallen squarely on the shoulders of LeBron James. As the most dominant force in the game today, James is supposed to be the great equalizer.

Sure, the Warriors won 73 regular-season games and are the best team in the NBA, but LBJ is the King; a one-man wrecking crew who’s all-around beastliness should be enough to tip the scales and give his team a fighting chance. And that’s why the Cavaliers would ultimately come away withe the 2016 Larry O’Brien Trophy.

As we once again witnessed (sorry) in these 2016 NBA Playoffs, having the best player on the court doesn’t guarantee a victory. Entering the eighth Finals appearance of his NBA career, James helds a disappointing 2-4 mark.

In the history of the league, only three players have ever lost at least five Finals. However, for all the abuse James takes for his record on the biggest stage, it should be noted that plenty of other all-time greats have lost this many times (four) in the Finals — and we have the list to prove it.