Can Someone Save Anthony Davis From the Pelicans, Please?

Can Someone Save Anthony Davis From the Pelicans, Please?

Anthony Davis is ready to take over the NBA | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

All too often, we as sports fans sit back and watch teams consistently squander generational talent. Rather than supplying these players with the necessary means to succeed, franchises do them a disservice, opting instead to put them in a position where they must carry the weight of an entire organization on their shoulders. No matter how gifted a player is, this role cannot be easy. Just ask New Orleans big man Anthony Davis.

After playing in just 61 games in 2015–16, the three-time All-Star began the new year with arguably the most impressive season-opening performance in NBA history. In 41 minutes, The Brow knocked down 17 of 34 shots, hit 16 of his 17 free-throw attempts, and finished the game with 50 points, 16 rebounds, five assists, seven steals, and four blocks. In case you wonder, no, those sort of numbers have never been posted in an NBA game before. Ever.

Unfortunately, in the end, it didn’t make a single difference, as the Pelicans still fell to the Denver Nuggets 107-102. And therein lies the problem; one we don’t see going away anytime soon.

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