Donald Trump “Takes Over” 7 Funny NFL Team Logos

Miami Dolphins logo as Trump

Source: Uproxx

There are some things in this world that simply “take over.” In the world of sports, the NFL falls into that category. In the world of politics, believe it or not, this concept is now best represented by Donald Trump. We guess the only sensible thing to do is combine the two and hope for the best. Can you imagine that? Well, thanks to the work of talented graphic artist David Rappoccio, you can. In an attempt to make the NFL “great again,” Rappoccio redesigned every team’s logo as The Donald. And, quite frankly, he nailed it. While all the pieces in the collection are fantastic, these are the seven designs that command our attention the most.

1. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers logo as Donald Trump

Source: Uproxx

The “G” of the Green Bay Packers is absolutely timeless. The same can be said about Donald Trump’s signature flow. It seems like a waste of iconic symbols not to show some love to a logo that pays such a fitting tribute. On a more serious note, how great would it be to see The Donald do the Lambeau Leap. Can someone please make that happen?