John Calipari’s All-Time Team: Who Would Be the Starters?

John Calipari talks with DeMarcus Cousins #15

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There are certain coaches whose names always get mentioned whenever there’s a vacancy in the NBA. As far as college coaches are concerned, the one whose name is called more than others is John Calipari. While it may be the dream of many NBA owners and executives to lure Coach Cal back to the pro ranks, we happen to believe there’s no reason for him to leave Kentucky. Not even if he’s presented with a blank check. After all, why take a job in the NBA, when you can continue to coach the best young prospects in the country?

Some may look at Calipari’s setup at Kentucky as the ultimate “one and done” factory, but we just see a place that provides the top recruits in the nation the perfect environment to prepare them for the next level. And if you look at his overall track record, that’s exactly what Coach Cal has done for the majority of his time on the bench. He gets the best, and then he gets them ready to play against the best in the world. Which is why plenty of young talent continues to flock to Lexington.

While it’s no secret that Calipari has coached boatloads of superstars, some of these individuals still manage to stand out among the rest. With that in mind, if we were tasked with trying to create an “All-Time Calipari Team,” here are the individuals who would crack the starting lineup.