The NBA’s 13 Most Successful Players of All Time

The 13 Most Successful NBA Players of All Time

The Larry O’Brien trophy is raised. | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As we roll through another installment of the NBA season, there’s no better time to look at the most bejeweled players in the NBA; the ones with more than one hand of championship rings; the players, both superstars and role-fillers, who ended up on winning teams most often.

On one end of the spectrum, they’re the anti-Lombardi — NBA athletes who have won more but are clearly not as talented as their less-bejeweled peers. On the other end, they make a strong case for “best of all time full stop forever.” Usually the truth is somewhere in between.

While one of the great fan pastimes is to attempt to measure an athlete’s motor, the fact is that if you’re at the highest level of any given professional sport, you’re at least a little invested in how you play. All that said, let’s look at the most ringed of the be-ringed; the players who’ve spent the most time around the Larry O’Brien Trophy (some even before it was the Larry O’Brien Trophy). Here are the 13 winningest NBA players ever.