The 10 Most Clutch NBA Players in the Game Right Now

LeBron James and Stephen Curry shake hands during the 2016 NBA Finals.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry shake hands during the 2016 NBA Finals. | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

What is clutch? We can’t frame the exact statistical parameters for being clutch. We can’t even fully describe the meaning of the word. But we definitely know it when we see it. Clutch begins with accepting and embracing the role as The Man. With the game on the line, it’s time to demand the ball, clear out space, and make a play. Respect is earned and The Man manages to come through time and time again, despite drawing all of the attention, rough play, hate, and intimidation tactics out of opposing defenses and hostile crowds.

Any list presenting the must clutch players in the NBA will not be without controversy, especially when we consider the fact that LeBron James, Golden State, and the San Antonio Spurs have owned all championship hardware for several years running. A number of budding stars and clutch scorers around the league show the ability to rack up fourth quarter points against lesser competition, before running into stacked Super Teams in the later rounds of the playoffs.

For 201617, the Cavaliers and Warriors seem dead set on a collision course to break the tie in what would be an ongoing NBA Finals trilogy. Against this backdrop, these 10 players will see to it that this season is not without high drama. Clutch is the reason why they play the game and why we, as fans, watch and celebrate.