LeBron James: 5 Moments When We Most Loved No. 23

LeBron James looks at the scoreboard.

LeBron James means business. | Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

He’s the most famous player in the NBA. He generates an unprecedented amount of buzz in headlines. Fans flock to him no matter which team he plays for and wherever his squad travels. He’s collected countless awards, accolades, and millions of dollars. Many call him the greatest baller who ever lived. His name is LeBron James. For all of his on- and off-court success and his endless array of fans worldwide, King James is one of the more scrutinized athletes that the sports world has ever seen.

For every good deed and charitable effort that James is involved in, there seems to be a controversial side-story or bothersome act of arrogance that follows suit. Simply put, LBJ has built one of the most prolific love-hate relationships with basketball fans over his decade-and-a-half in the pros. Many more positive and negative stages will come. But for now, let’s take a look at five moments when we most loved No. 23.