NBA Cheat Sheet: 5 Things to Watch for in the 2014 NBA Draft

NBA Draft, source -- Joseph Glorioso Photography, Flickr

Source: Joseph Glorioso Photography, Flickr

With the NBA Draft now only one week away, it’s time to break down exactly what the 2014 Draft telecast — which features the most hyped group of prospects in the last decade — is going to look like. Erm, well, it’s going to look the same as it always looks, although there will be a notable absence of David Stern for the first time in the last 30 years, since Stern officially retired after last year’s presentation.

So it’ll be Adam Silver being booed on the stage of the Barclay’s center next Thursday, while an endless parade of besuited young men (at least one of them looking incredibly uncomfortable) hear their names called. That much will be the same. The deputy will take the second round, nobody will care, and a whole bunch of people will live tweet it. There may be a pony show.

No one wants to go into the draft broadcast unprepared, though — and we don’t mean mock drafting, since those are more likely to make the actual draft more confusing. Remember: no one saw Nerlens Noel falling all the way to the sixth pick last year, and absolutely no one saw Anthony Bennett going number one overall. If anyone tells you they did, they’re lying (and they’re lying for no good reason, since Bennett hasn’t been very impactful on the court since joining the NBA.)