NBA Draft Watch: 5 Most Exciting Prospects Flying Under the Radar

So, OK, maybe the idea of “flying under the radar” is a little antiquated in the modern NBA. The odds of another team getting lucky with a Tony Parker-style pick (the Spurs guard was taken with the 28th pick in the 2001 NBA Draft – the same draft that saw Kwame Brown go first overall) are as low as the league bringing the age limit back down to 18. That is to say, it ain’t going to happen. Even over the last decade and a half, NBA scouting is in a way different place right now — hand in hand, not accidentally, with the analytical revolution in basketball.

But with this draft class, while the top three or four have received so much coverage — even if the claims that the class might have seven or even eight superstars have largely died down – the depth might be the most interesting thing coming up for June 26, when the Barclays Center will host the 60 latest additions to the NBA.

And while you’ve likely heard all you need of the Wigginses, the Embiids, the Exums, and the Parkers, there are other players who are just as deserving of your interest. Especially since you’re probably not a Cavs fan, and, via basic math, you’re most likely rooting for a team that’s not picking in the top three or four. Here’s who you should be checking out on Youtube, Draft Express, and anywhere else you can think of.