NBA: 5 Moments When We Hated LeBron James

LeBron James reacts to a call.

LeBron James reacts to a call. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There isn’t much of a gray area when analyzing Cleveland Cavaliers superstar small forward LeBron James. Fans either adore The King or they despise him. For the first seven seasons of his NBA career — all spent with the Cavs — James’ likability was perhaps at an all-time high, with thousands of passionate LBJ followers — if not more — firmly in tow.

Then of course, “The Decision” was made and James’ character plummeted dramatically in the eyes of sports fans. Essentially all of his fandom resided in the Miami/South Beach area. After four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals — with a pair of series losses sandwiching back-to-back titles — No. 23 jumped ship again, “coming home” to his native Ohio and rejoining the Cavaliers. Largely  on the back of the way he announced his second big career decision — not to mention finally delivering an NBA championship to his home state of Ohio —  the love for King James came roaring back.

Sure, there are many Miami Heat fanatics who root hard against their former All-Star and will not forgive him for leaving after four short seasons, but there are also some who let James’ pair of Heat championships outweigh the hatred. Now in his early 30s, LBJ has one simple goal in mind: Bring another NBA championship to Cleveland. Now that we’ve detailed the times when we couldn’t help but love the future Hall-of-Famer, let’s review five moments when we hated the Chosen One.

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