The NBA’s 5 Best ‘Big Threes’ of All Time

NBA: The 5 Best Big Threes of All Time

Dwyane Wadetalks with former teammate LeBron James | Jason Miller/Getty Images

The NBA “big three” represents the perfect storm of both sheer luck and savvy front office wheeling and dealing — to work the draft, negotiate fair contracts, and arrange trades between rival teams. On the floor, each All-Star member of the best big threes will complement the group; they bring a critical skill set to the table. Characteristics may include clutch outside shooting, low-post scoring, playmaking, or even dirty work to block shots and rebound.

With a big three in place, it’s easier to recruit solid role players who can help pursue a title run. If anything, it is the delicate task of managing competitive egos that sometimes undermine the longevity of these groups; each individual player is often asked to subjugate his own game to better the team concept.

The five best big threes in NBA history all managed to stand the test of time and claim multiple championships in what may be lauded as basketball nirvana.