NFL Legacy Watch: 7 Quarterbacks Who Have the Most on the Line for 2014

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Few things can dominate a conversation about the NFL more thoroughly than a discussion on the legacy of a player. Because the league takes so much out of a player so quickly — NFL careers are brutish, painful, and short — tomorrow’s rising young star becomes yesterday’s grizzled veteran in the blink of an eye, and a promising start can turn into an unmatched watermark before anyone has any idea. As quarterbacks are the natural focal point of a professional football team, their legacies and post-career accolades are constantly stoked, stuttered, and squandered season after season.

2014 is no different, and as we get set to break ground on the new NFL season, after the always-unsatisfying preseason games and many long months since the Super Bowl, let’s take a look at the seven quarterbacks who have the most to gain –and lose – in terms of their public perception over the next 16 weeks or so.