NFL: 4 Teams That May Never Win a Super Bowl

NFL: 4 Teams That May Never Win a Super Bowl

Bills’ fans are certainly passionate, but their team may never deliver on the promise of a championship. | Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

In an era of free agency, every team is eventually supposed to have a chance to compete for a Super Bowl title. With players changing teams as frequently as the changing seasons, even a small market team can sway the course of their future by adding key pieces during the offseason. However, for some — in fact many — the shifting landscape of the NFL hasn’t resulted in desirable outcomes.

With 50 Super Bowls since 1967, only 19 teams have brought the Lombardi trophy back to their hometown fans. Furthermore, only 12 clubs own multiple titles, and six teams have managed to win more than half of the titles. That leaves some 13 franchises without a championship in the Super Bowl era — four have never even played in the big game.

Clearly, there is some force in the league that allows the rich to keep getting richer and the poor to be left picking up the scraps. The 13 teams that have yet to win a Super Bowl championship must be wondering if they will ever capture the game’s biggest prize. However, some of those teams (like the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Atlanta Falcons) have a realistic shot of ending their drought as early as next season (or in the Falcons case, as early as this February).

For many, though, the trend should continue. In fact, it may never end. It’s difficult to say that no team will ever win the Super Bowl, but we have four clubs that are candidates to go another 50-plus years without coming out on top of the football world.