10 NFL Teams That May Never Win a Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy is hoisted in the air.

Some teams may never win a Super Bowl title. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In theory, the structure of the NFL is designed to give all 32 teams a chance to compete for a Super Bowl title. The worst teams in the league get the highest draft picks; the league’s hard salary cap is in place to prevent the formation of “super teams”; and the best teams are supposed to be rewarded with the most difficult schedules in the league for the next season. In reality, though, the NFL is extremely top-heavy; some franchises may never experience the thrill of winning a Super Bowl title.

A lot can change with one outstanding draft class (look at the 2016 Dallas Cowboys) or an exceptional free-agent signing (look at the Denver Broncos with Peyton Manning). Nevertheless, these 10 NFL franchises have yet to take home a Lombardi Trophy — and may never will.