NFL: The 7 Worst Quarterbacks Set to Start in 2014

Source: Tulane Public Relations, Flickr

See that guy up there? That’s Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. He’s a great quarterback. Brees is the hand at the helm of one of the most potent offenses in the NFL, a distinction he shares with top tier peers like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. A great quarterback can be the foundation for two decades of contention toward the NFL’s biggest prize — a Super Bowl Victory — and, for the completists, the four QBs have six Super Bowl rings between them (although three belong to Brady.)

This list is not about those guys. We’re also not including the competent quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson, guys who have great games sometimes, forgettable matches on occasion, and are rarely, if ever, called bad. Matt Stafford gets a pass too by the sheer virtue of his rocket arm and his consistent ability to, uh, throw bombs to Megatron. Even when everyone knows that all he’s going to do is throw bombs to Megatron.

No, this list is about the players who occupy one of the worst kinds of athletic hell — the NFL starter who’s good enough to get to the league, but doesn’t seem to have it in him to make his way into the uppermost echelons of the highest level of professional football. Lest you make the mistake, though, of assuming these guys are scrubs, remember that they were good enough to be starters. That’s something that a whole host of armchair analysts can’t say. Disclosures done, lets pour out a cold glass of Haterade and get to it. The seven worst starting QBs in the NFL. All in depth info courtesy of