10 Reasons Why Kevin Durant Will Never Win an NBA Championship

Kevin Durant looks up to the ceiling in frustration.

All Kevin Durant wants is a title | Harry How/Getty Images

If winning NBA championships was easy, then everyone would do it. But as we all know, some of the best players of all time went their entire careers without ever experiencing the sweet joy of the champagne shower. This past summer, to the disappointment of many, Kevin Durant made a decision in the hopes that his name wouldn’t join this list one day.

By signing with the star-studded Golden State Warriors, KD essentially announced to the world that, in his mind, it was “championship or bust.” This was his choice and no amount of hate — or haters — would make him feel bad about doing what he believed was necessary to get that ring. Yet, as we’ve seen before, even great teams have a tendency to come up short.

Although many folks believe the addition of KD makes the Dubs the team to beat, we’re not quite ready to gift them this year’s championship. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if Durant actually never won a title. Here’s why.

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