The 10 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

Tom Brady looks for a target.

Tom Brady looks to throw | Jim Rogash/Getty Images

NFL quarterbacks hold one of the most revered and glorious job titles. There is a full roster of position players on a football team; while all are important, none carry the responsibility and circumstance the quarterback does. NFL teams create an identity for their cities and fanbases to latch on to, and no player sets that tone like the QB. So, naturally, when it comes to discussing the greatest NFL quarterbacks, a select few names always rise to the top.

After last Sunday’s Super Bowl victory, football fans and aficionados resurrected this debate as they contemplated where Tom Brady lands on the list. The argument over where the Patriots’ quarterback and Super Bowl 51 MVP stands among the greatest QBs of all time has been debated for years now.

It is a heavily coveted club; many starting NFL quarterbacks are considered good, but very few considered great, and an even smaller portion are considered legendary. So how does Brady match up with the John Elways and Joe Montanas of the modern football era? Here we rank the top 10 NFL quarterbacks of all time.