The 11 NBA Players With the Most Playoff Experience

During the Lakers glory days, 2002.

Shaquille O’Neal laughs with Kobe Bryant in the fourth quarter during the Lakers’ 86-73 win against the Chicago Bulls, in Los Angeles, CA, 22 November 2002 | Lucy Nicholson/AFP/Getty Images

Longevity in the NBA postseason is something of an art and a benefit of timing and placement — it skews heavily towards modern players, since they play more games in a series than their predecessors, and it helps guys who are on teams that make deep runs in the playoffs — but when you get to the very top of the list, you’re looking at players who have developed a knack for not being sent home early. All of these guys are players you’d recognize, and most of them have the careers that will safely place them in the Naismith Hall of Fame once they retire. The active ones, that is — some of these guys are already safely enshrined in Springfield.

Regardless, all of these names are sure to dredge up memories of playoffs past, for better or for worse. These NBA fixtures have a combined forty-five championship rings, innumerable All-Star appearances, and enough sold jerseys to cover a stadium floor. They are, broadly speaking, some of the first choices for any respectable best of any era squad from the league’s history.

And some of them are still playing in the league. In fact, some of them are guaranteed to tack on a couple extra games before this postseasons is over. So, without further ado, here are the ten players who have logged the most playoff games in the NBA.