The 10 Top Selling NBA Jerseys for 2014

Source: Joseph Glorioso Photography, Flickr

Few things are as closely identified with fandom as the sports fan and the athlete jersey. These articles of clothing are not easily hidden, and unlike a bracelet or a pair of socks, are always drawing attention. Wearing a jersey is an immediate call to the rest of the persons in your vicinity that you will go to bat for the player and the team displayed in bright, eye-catching colors all over your torso. It is not a gesture for the faint of heart — aside from the ironic jersey, which is almost as bad of a crime against sportskind as the fairweather fan that leaves before the game is over. Those fans are the worst.

Since the average jersey costs significantly more than a T-shirt or a patch, the players who sell the most jerseys tend to be the superstars, or the legacy players — the newfound excellence of the Damian Lillards and the enduring appeal of the Tim Duncans, who have been good forever. For the record, Duncan is number 13 on this list, so we’re not counting him officially — even if he’ll probably go down as the greatest power forward of all time. Of course, since he’s been in the league since 1997, we’ve got to consider the possibility that any Spurs fan has already snagged one Duncan jersey (and another one on top of that, in all likelihood.)

So, for the regular season, here are the ten highest selling jerseys in the NBA. There are some old faces, some familiar faces, some missing faces, and some new faces. There’s going to be at least one surprise, probably. All numbers gathered from the NBA, which calculated its numbers from the beginning of the 2013-2014 season until the end through its own online store.