The 5 Athletes Who Made the Most Endorsement Money in 2015

LeBron James warming up for a game against the Pacers

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Being one of the top athletes on the planet comes with its perks — fame, popularity, and a high salary among them. However, while each of these particular things are fantastic in their own right, combining them shows the true measure of an player’s worth. By that, of course, we’re talking about endorsement deals.

Talent on the court translates to crazy-big money off of it. In fact, it is projected that the top 100 highest-paid athlete endorsers have earned over $836 million in sponsorship money in 2015. That’s a 13% increase from the numbers in 2014. How is this even possible? We’re so glad you asked.

The good folks at opendorse — who “connect marketers with athletes to build endorsement campaigns” — examined key information associated with some of today’s biggest athletes. This info included Forbes’ highest-paid athletes data, current endorsement deals for individual athletes, their earning power, and their estimated cost per sponsored tweet.

After analyzing all this data, opendorse was able to project how much an individual would earn through sponsorships this year. It should come as no surprise that the names at the top of the list are some of the world’s most recognizable athletes. However, what is interesting, is how much these superstars are actually expected to bring in. While these numbers are projections, and subject to change based on the discovery of new deals, at present, they’re still pretty insane.

With that, here’s a look at the the five athletes who made the most endorsement money in 2015.