The 5 Best Responses to Manchester City’s #AskJesus Campaign

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Earlier this year, soccer club Manchester City, the defending English Premier League champion, gave winger Jesus Navas control of the team’s Twitter account to stage an impromptu Q-and-A session. This was a good thing, especially because of the chosen hashtag for the event — namely, #AskJesus. The response was fantastic, as people got in on the joke and quite correctly decided that #AskJesus would be a perfect excuse to intermingle religion and soccer, a vein of humor that has yet to run dry.

And judging by the responses, it probably never will. Most humor runs on riffs about things that people can relate to, which is why math jokes about quantum physics are rarely well received, but why jokes about the terrible person who cut you off on your way to do something are, generally, met with applause (this is assuming that the jokes are good, of course). Soccer and religion are pervasive elements of everyday life, even for the atheists who are allergic to sports.

So, in a burst of Twitter trawling, we’ve gathered five of the best questions lobbed at Manchester City from fans, commentators, and people waiting for the right moment to make their move and drop the perfect online one-liner. And they’re fantastic.