NFL: The 5 Best Miami Dolphins of All Time

Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images

Any discussion of great Miami Dolphins will begin with the 1972 club that finished out the regular season at 14-0, before going on to claim the Super Bowl VII title. The perfect season was part of a stretch where the Dolphins made three consecutive trips to the Super Bowl, winning two back-to-back championships in 1973 and 1974 on the back of their defense, and a ball control offense that drove the franchise to the pinnacle of the sport.

In 1983 the Dolphins took quarterback Dan Marino with the 27th overall pick in the draft. From there, Miami reinvented their team with a high octane passing attack, to balance out a “bend, but don’t break” defensive mentality. The five greatest Dolphins in the franchise’s history come from both of those eras — golden years that Miami has struggled to match ever since.

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