The 5 Biggest Upsets in Sports History

It’s been over 25 years since James “Buster” Douglas did the impossible and knocked out Mike Tyson, but people are still talking about it. It was such a major event, that folks can even remember where they were when it happened. That’s the power of this moment. That’s the power of any moment where the unfathomable occurs, why there’s so much beauty in the upset.

In every match there is a favorite, and there is an underdog. One team is supposed to come out on top, and one team is merely a stepping stone to the other’s inevitable victory. But sometimes, the stars align, and David puts it all together and topples Goliath. That’s what went down 25 years ago when Tyson hit the mat. And Buster Douglas gave us that moment.

This was unquestionably one of the biggest upsets the world of sports has ever witnessed. And there have been some amazing ones. Here are the five we believe represent the greatest of all time.