The 5 Men’s Tennis Players Who Earned the Most Money in 2014

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

There’s good money to be made in professional tennis, as the prize purses for even some of the more modest tournament finishes can easily exceed the median income of most countries, and the winnings that come from a Grand Slam victory are each counted in the millions of dollars.

Like all sports, though, the money that comes from competition is hardly the only form of income that tennis athletes can depend on — with their international brand recognition, each of the big earners in tennis are handsomely rewarded in endorsement fees, lending their expertise and names to a variety of companies and groups.

Here, then, are the five men’s tennis players who earned the most money over the last year, with information courtesy of Forbes.

update: this article was originally published prior to the conclusions of the 2014 US Open. It has been updated with earnings from that tournament factored in.