The 5 Women’s Tennis Players Who Made the Most Money in 2014

STR/AFP/Getty Images

Tennis remains one of the few sports in which men and women are both afforded a similar, if not entirely equal, portion of the spotlight, and some of the most famous players throughout the game’s history have been women.

Similarly, their increased visibility means that the sponsorship opportunities for tennis players are present and very fiscally helpful. It’s the combination of endorsements and prize winnings that contributes to each player’s yearly earnings, and the ones who make the most are, not surprisingly, the ones who happen to win — or at least place well – in Grand Slams and the like.

So without further delay, here are the five best-paid women’s tennis players of 2014, with financial information provided by Forbes.

update: This article was originally published before the conclusion of the 2014 U.S. Open, and the earnings have been updated to include those winnings, which resulted in a shuffling of the top five.