7 Best American Sports Teams of All Time

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

What’s the point of compiling any kind of record about sports if you can’t use it to compare it to other teams in an effort to establish definitive metrics of greatness? While the purest joy in sports is also the simplest — watching people who are doing things that the vast majority of the human population cannot, and doing them in a way that makes the viewer stop what they’re doing and marvel in how cool it all is — the enduring myth of sports is that winning is everything. Winning is important. The game, whatever it is, must be won, and the better athletes, coaches, and teams come out on top, as winners.

In that spirit, here are the seven teams in American History that stand as the winningest teams of all time, pitted against each other to see which one has the greatest winning percentage of all time — because different sports have different seasons, and some teams have had more opportunities to add on W’s than others.